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Facade brick is the term brick that can be used not only for structure but also for beauty, energy efficiency and cost. It is aimed to place the bricks on the walls of the building without plaster and paint. It is light, good, high strength and different colors cement bricks fired at high temperature. You’ve probably seen brick facades in homes, commercial buildings, fireplaces, backsplashes, entryways, multi-family homes, commercial buildings, schools, and colleges. Now you can buy these bricks for your own use from the best brick manufacturers in India at the best price.



Our brick performs well when left exposed

Factors such as the compressive strength, water absorption, weathering and bending of the bricks are carefully monitored to ensure that our bricks are more efficient when exposed.


The modular size of brick offers endless design options.

Forget about the maintenance

Bricks and other materials will not fade, peel or rot. So, you don't need to paint and almost clean. When you compare brick houses with other brick houses, you will immediately see how much money, effort and time brick house owners save.

Timeless Beauty

Timeless Beauty

Brickwork never goes out of style. For centuries they stood like Roman aqueducts. Brick, the product of the past, present and future, is loved for its timeless beauty.

Time Saving

Face Bricks need not be plastered after installation. They can be left exposed which in turn not only saves plaster, labour and paint costs but also time.

No Color Pigments

The color of bricks and related products is obtained by mixing clay (from all over the country) and firing the mixture at high temperatures. No color or color is added to achieve the desired color.

Cost Comparison

Cost Comparison

Face Brick Walls

General Practice

Multi Hole Brick

It is a bright light with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Bricks have slightly rounded edges and corners that are perfect for models with classic beauty. Available in many colors and configurations.

8 Hole Brick

8 conical holes in the brick trap the air inside and provide better insulation than normal bricks. Additionally, pressed bricks have sharp edges and corners, making them ideal for modern or contemporary buildings.

2 Hole Brick

2 Hole Brick

2 Mouth Brick is the newest addition to our brick range. It is our largest brick and has very high compressive strength. Press brick has sharp edges and corners, making it ideal for modern or contemporary buildings.

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